Funkeilidh Ceilidh Band: Fife

Ceilidh Prices & Line Ups

the damage... most ceilidhs attract the following fees,
no of musicians
1hr (no break)
2hrs (no break)
3hrs (30 min break)
4hrs (40 min break)
+ Travel / Accommodation
(Free <30 mile from Newburgh, KY14 6EG)
deposit = £100


download (& terms)
Prices are for Fri / Sat nights. Please take off 5% for Sunday - Thursday
Find out what you get in different line-ups below
playing naked or other unusual requests may reflect a can but ask though...
Please email for a definitive quote if our formulas baffle you. If calculating it yourself, please don't forget to add any travel & deduct 10% if it's not Friday or Saturday (problems emailing? Just give us a ring... )

We stretch from a basic 3 piece to a sumptuous 4 piece . . .

The 2 piece :

Well, actually we pare ourselves down to a 2 piece on occasions where funds are particularly tight. Minimalism can be cool too. With a Funkeilidh 2 piece you get an awesome accordion player &, well, someone else!! Often a fiddler, sometimes a guitarist, sometimes keyboard player, or even drummer. A caller is nearly always available in any Funkeilidh outfit, but for a 2 piece gig please specify this requirement if it's is important to you.

In fact if it's a small outfit your after, we may still be able to play for you if we're already booked! We manage this physics defying act by using our pool of talent. Please check our calendar

Bob & El' at a village hall ceilidh

A Funkeildh 3 piece: Recommended for up to < 80 guest

With a Funkeilidh 3 piece, there's generally accordion, keyboard & multi-instrumentalist Dave on fiddle, guitar, sax, Bodhran, teapot…, etc. Or sometimes the accordion midi can take care of the bass & chords leaving room for a drummer instead of a keyboard / guitarist.

The sound is rather traditional. Some Songs are possible with a 3 piece but Ceilidh dances would dominate. If there's to be a Funkeildh Disco to follow the Ceilidh, a 3 piece is generally fine as the ceilidh would be shorter & guests will get their songs fix in the disco!


Your 4 piece Funkeilidh outfit. Recommended for > 80 guests

We can generate a greater variety of sound with 4 & songs become more convincing. The accordion midi is great value in a 3 piece, but a four piece generally means this electronic box of trix is replaced by a real living breathing funky piano player or guitarist generating a much more organic sound & vibe form the band. Drums or guitar usually fill the 4th member slot adding some great foundation rhythm & freeing up others to spice things up with solo instruments. Sax, flute etc. Songs become much more convincing to break up the evening & give guests a break. Caller always available

The Virginia Reeeel….

Strip the Willow Ceilidh Dance

Please contact Dave for a definitive quote. Please have the following information....

  • Date
  • Venue
  • Event type
  • Size of band required (please see table at top of page)
  • Start - finish time (how long do you play for?)
  • Any special requirements
  • Telephone numbers (include mobile please, can be handy on the day...)
    There's a non-refundable ~20% deposit required upon booking
The Funkeilidh sound check…

We can play for 2 hrs without a break. After that, we start to flag – so 30 mins is built into a 3 hr booking & 40 mins into 4 hrs. So in a 8pm – 11pm booking, we'd break usually 9.15 – 9.45. Or in a 4 hr booking from 8 – 12 we'd maybe break 9.40 – 10.20. It's all pretty flexible so we're happy to break when it suits you.

Dave J Ford Funkeilidh caller in Chief

Break music:

Some prefer silence during the break… however,

We generally play some music from a playlist during this time. It's not too loud. A favourite of ours is Capercallie's the Blood is Strong. It's soothing & Scottish & goes well with a buffet to calm things a little till the second half. We have some more up Scottish ceilidh tunes too like Gary Sutherland's excellent ‘The Telephone Box' if you'd prefer to keep the mood up. Or you can use your own player, or if you've booked our disco for your event too, give us a playlist in advance. Just let us know if you have an feelings about the music, or lack of, during any break.

Yvonne, Martin, Dave enjoy a break

Weavers Hall
Bank Close

KY14 6EG

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