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Funkeilidh now offer a complete disco package. DJ James is keen for couples to make up a play list of their guests choices! It's great if this is done in advance of the disco, so DJ James can make sure of having the trax. The music you like says a lot about you & hearing the couples choices tells your guests even more about the match made today. Do include some crowd pleasers. Trying to avoid any cheese at all can lead to feeling that something is missing… .

You could give guests a chance to contribute a song to the list…18 songs/hr roughly. Since not everyone will pick a track & because of the odd duplicate request, everyone should have fair chance at hearing their favourite.

Here the music truly is a reflection of everyone's taste & it's interesting to find out your family & friends ‘Desert Island Disc'... Providing DJ James a sheet of who chose what gives some great patter material too… If you want James's choices tho, or just give James a general steer, he's cool with that too!

When booking a Ceilidh / Disco, more lights will be employed during the Ceilidh than usual. Not all of them, naturally & not flashing, but we find the stage looks better at a Ceilidh where a disco is to follow.

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The Ceilidh is generally also more punchy. If band & guests know it's not ‘Ceilidh all night long',
they're not so prone to pacing themselves & stay on their feet..
Disco laser speakers
30 mins 130
1 hr 180
2 hrs 250
3 hrs 320

Disco Light bars, cans, lasers, light ropes & colour changing spots are now standard at a Funkeilidh disco. Our standard PA is equipped with bass bins & 500W per channel.

Disco lights

Weavers Hall
Bank Close

KY14 6EG

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